December 15, 2009

Writing Under a Pen Name

This Article about why James Chartrand chose his male pen name despite being a female in the meat world is very informative.



But informative.

Interestingly, back when I was less open with details in my life, most of my readers assumed I was male. This despite the fact that according to the Gender Genie, my posts are all over the place.

After taking a look at its results more than a few times, I tend to think the Gender Genie's results are too closely correlated with topics. Travel and food posts like my last one often end up slightly more "female" than "male," while posts like the one three posts ago mentioning research and statistics come back almost twice as "male" as "female."

As cool as that might be, my gender has not swapped in the time period between these two entries in the meat world...

And yet, as they say, On the Internet, No One Knows You're A Dog.


The Enforcer said...

I used to contribute hockey articles to a sports site that was very heavily read by males. I used a pen name and no one knew that my well-read hockey articles were written by a woman. When I went to a site meet-up and introduced myself as "The Enforcer" most men where shocked that a woman actually knew about hockey.
Yes, its sad that women have to hide their gender when writing about male-centric topics, but I doubt my articles would have gotten the same amount of attention had I been forthright about my gender from the get-go.

Biting Tongue said...

Yet another data point. So interesting.