March 15, 2010

Nitroglycerin Paste is Serious Stuff

So, I'll spare you the details, but I thought you might like to know that one recent morning, at around 5 AM, I ended up with nitroglycerine paste on my hands without realizing it.

I can now report that nausea, sweating, tunnel vision, numb hands and feet, feeling that you are going to pass out, and moaning are all symptoms of severe low blood pressure. I'm shocked that I didn't pass out as my blood pressure was 55/30 or something along those lines when E measured it.

The good news is that if you wash your hands (or rather, in my case, have your husband hold you upright while he washes your hands because they don't work), you very quickly return to normal.

Moral of the story: wear gloves both while applying the paste *and* while removing it, even if you are using what you believe to be a sufficient barrier to remove the cream. Also, probably a good idea to wash your hands after each step just to be sure. Next time...


The Enforcer said...

I SO want the details!! This sounds like a doozie of a story...

As an aside, one of the many useful things I learned in pharmacology is that when applying nitroglycerin paste, its best to wear gloves. And, if by some accident, you get the dose wrong (which is measured in in "the MD has ordered 2 inches of paste"), it can be wiped off fairly easily and the patient will return to normal. But, you seem to have this part down pat... ;)

Glad to hear that you're OK!

biting tongue said...


Brother, I and E will jointly regale you with the story at sister's wedding. It's a date!