March 20, 2010

Reason Number 10,004,079

Why my husband is awesome?

He religiously looks up the ISS passes over our hometown, and insists that we go outdoors to view them when they are good.

So, tonight, while at our local Mexican Joint with H and O and baby-in-the-oven, we all ran outside at 8:17 PM to view the bright ascent of the ISS across the sky. Our hasty departure caused many of the waitstaff to follow us, and they were impressed enough to run around back and clear out the kitchen so that they could see it too.

E proceeded to show pictures of the ISS on his phone and explain its purpose, height, speed, etc, to all within earshot who stopped by our table to ask what? why? how come?

I was so proud.

Also, it was one of the best viewings I'd ever had, so it was very cool to share it with all of these folks who'd never seen it before (and many who'd never even heard of it).


E said...

ISS passes over Mountain View

Charmingly, that same page offers to help you "Host a Star Party!" What's not to like? Who can argue with "Saturn Sausage Balls" or "Banana Rocket Ships", I ask you?

Arvay said...


biting tongue said...
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bt said...

E -- I shall be sure to inquire if they are available to cater your 2^5 party.

Anonymous said...

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bt said...

Seriously? What is it with the college assignment spam?

So confused!!!

Anonymous said...

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