April 27, 2010


It turns out, I still work weekends.


Early mornings.

Who knew? I thought when I quit the law firm, by default, I'd bought myself a year or two of lull. You know, time to build up the practice.

I can't complain about being wrong. My practice is busier than I dreamed it would be, and so much earlier than I expected.

But, wow. Unbeknownst to me, I am learning that I secretly dreamed of and pre-enjoyed weekends and mornings and evenings and relaxation.

I'm only now realizing how strong those dreams were while I mourn their loss. This weekend, E and I took a 3 day weekend away. I worked Saturday AM but managed, through guilty herculean efforts, to avoid the computer the entire time until Monday evening. In exchange for that privilege, I had to send many emails from my phone apologizing, promising responses, and fretting about my failure to set an appropriate out-of-office message.

Today, I didn't fit in my run. I woke early, but instead of running, I worked. All day, I cranked away on legal stuff, with "breaks" for networking and meeting with the bookkeeper (Who laughed at my receipts from my first month vis-a-vis my initial estimate of my annual collections -- It would appear I was a bit too conservative...).

As E pointed out, I am personally experiencing the hyper-growth shock that many of my successful startups have experienced. I will need to hire soon. The whole experience is very educational. And I am thankful.


A said...

congratulations on your initial successes. :)

Arvay said...

Yay! I'm sorry that you have to miss leisure activities, but I'm happy your practice is going so well!

[No Nickname] said...

Thanks A & Arvay!

Anonymous said...
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