April 3, 2010

The Glory of the Unscheduled

This weekend, for the first time in about 6 months, after 5:30 PM on Friday, I had no obligations scheduled until Monday at 9:30 AM.

Sure, E2 and P may stop by on their way through town on Sunday and we may need to celebrate their engagement properly and ooh and ahh over the ring in person, but that's just a maybe and if they don't have time or we aren't here, no big deal.

In short, I can't believe how relaxed I feel. It is a glorious, wonderful feeling. And how have I used this time, you may ask?

Just perfectly, so far!

First, on Friday night, I spoke to R on the phone, uninterrupted for almost 2 hours.

Saturday morning, after waking to ensure brother was in good hands, I cleaned out my email box, cleaned the kitchen a wee bit and headed out for a solid 8.5+ mile run. It was slow, but steady, and not so slow as to be anything other than an obvious step on the return to my former (pre-sciatica) fitness level.

This afternoon? Impromptu lunch with friends followed by lots of todo list crossing off, gardening, and garden planning.

Tonight? Another impromptu meal with friends at a local izakaya (I love living in such an immigrant rich community).

And tomorrow? Perhaps some yoga with B, perhaps not. But definitely a medium/short run and catch up session with B before lunch. Brother, E and I had planned to head to the local farmer's market to shop and plan the week's menu and eat brunch, but given the predicted rain -- it'll likely be just me quickly raiding the farmer's market stalls and a mellow afternoon at home doing more work and personal chores.

Basically, I'm elated to be living such a normal (impossible to be late because there's nothing scheduled) life this weekend.

It has been entirely too long.


Anonymous said...

I hear you on the wonderfulness of an unscheduled weekend. Run was great. Looking forward to another next week.

εœ‹η”·ηš“δΊ‘ said...
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