April 21, 2011

Boston, reviewed

So, the Boston Marathon was an epic event this year.

The fastest marathon ever ran by a human (2:03:02)? Check. The second place guy was faster than the standing world record as well. And he was in his debut marathon.

Ryan Hall running the fastest marathon ever run by an American (2:04:58) and taking fourth? Check.

Kara Goucher setting a PR by 2 minutes and taking 5th 6.5 months after giving birth to her first son? Check.

Desiree Davila (previously, a relatively unknown U.S. runner) leading for much of the final miles and thrilling us as she pushed the pace of the leaders and surged to battle for first, finally finishing second place (by 2 seconds) and breaking the U.S. women's course record? Check.

Joan Benoit Samuelson (holder of the prior U.S. women's course record) running a 2:51 at the age of 53? Yup, that happened too.

All in all, it was one of the most amazing sports events I've ever watched.

I may never be in good enough shape to qualify to run it now that the new standards are in place. But I'm definitely thrilled to enjoy it as a spectator and I may just go and volunteer one day to experience the thrill of the day in person.

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Arvay said...

Wow, awesome stats! It had never occurred to me that a marathon could be a spectator sport. I will have to watch one one day!