May 18, 2011

Nostalgic Already

Washington brought out the big guns and treated us to gorgeous weather (the bay area does not have skies that blue or water that gorgeous or snow-capped mountains in the distance). Also, our local friends made themselves amazingly available to say goodbye and hangout over our last few days.

This resulting in me, today, walking back to the apartment after lunch in the park with friends, sad. Much more sad than I expected. It was only 3 months.

And yet, we tried on a different life, and there are many great things we will miss:

-walking distance to friends (as in 1 block to their building!)
-a gorgeous park across the street with a lovely 1/2 mile gravel loop
-All of the Happy Hours full of amazingly decadent food and drinks
-the blissfully cool temperatures and hills that made me a much better runner faster than anything I could have done at home
-E's new friends at MSFT and AMZN
-A slower life. With less friends and business obligations, we had much more time to hang out, just the two of us. We will try to implement that policy at home, but if history is any guide, it will be difficult. In Washington, it was guiltless -- no refused invitations to spend the third Saturday in a row with just us -- it just happened that way. At home... well, we are, for better and for worse, much more frenetic.

But, we are now home. And that, too, is a great thing!

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