May 25, 2011

Touch and Go

A friend of mine was studying to get her pilot's license and often talked about "touch and goes." It sounded like a fairly complicated maneuver where one went through the mechanics of landing, rolled for a while and then went through the mechanics of take-off. You know, nothing but transitions, the hardest thing for humans to handle.

That's how I've felt for the last several months. Land in one city with just enough time to touch down, run around like a chicken with my head cut off, and then take off for another one.

Finally, as of last Wednesday (1 week ago already!) we only have one residence.

I've spent the last week enjoying the California weather, and tending to all of the things that were lost in the shuffle. Also, I was privileged to be the matron of honor in the gorgeous wedding of the friend I've had the longest out of all of my friends. It was very similar to my sister's wedding, in terms of my responsibilities and the number of familiar faces. This felt right, because in many ways, E2 feels like a sister as well.

Anyways, between the wedding, getting settled, getting the garden in the ground, catching up on bills and very busy clients, I've barely had time to come up for air.

Tomorrow evening, we head out for a road trip, where we visit my sister and her husband, I run my marathon, we visit Craters of the Moon and Yellowstone and on the way back we visit brother, mom and neice.

Except, of course, this is yet another touch and go -- my sister is being induced into labor tonight. So it's likely she won't be home yet or definitely won't want guests when we arrive.

No problem, we booked a room at the Davenport which was only $5 more than the Doubletree. Score! Hopefully we'll get to the meet the little man before we leave. Bonus, I'll get to see my mom as well.

This is the year that my travel planning has been epic in terms of timing. Between accidentally booking free hotels in Paris on Bastille Day and managing to plan a trip to visit my sister right when the baby is born before I knew she was pregnant, I'm thinking I may have missed my calling.

Anyways, that's a brief summary of where I've been and what I've been doing in the last few days. I can see a much more calm life and regular posting on the horizon and I'm excited to get there.

But, the excitement of my new nephew, the road trip, the marathon and the national parks calls for just one more lift off before I can touch down and relax for a more proper homecoming and rest.


Matt Ginzton said...
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Matt Ginzton said...

Touch and Go?

Seriously, welcome back / have a great trip / looking forward to seeing you when you actually land and, you know, stay on the ground. BBQ season awaits!

Matt Ginzton said...

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Arvay said...

Inducing labor tonight! How exciting!