June 11, 2011

Full Plate

The last time I bought toilet paper, I bought a full 24-pack of 1-ply. It's very thin and not soft. Every trip to the bathroom is a reminder that I am not paying as much attention to details as I should be. I'm very excited to use the last roll and treat myself to some fluffy 2-ply tissue.

This morning, I woke after a night of insomnia and fitful dreams. I realized I just needed to buckle down and do a bunch of work - for my business, for E's business, and for our mutual finances and general life stuff. I actually need to knock things off the todo list. It's gotten to the point where I have no other choice.

I felt so disappointed.

I just wanted a weekend at home.

To do nothing and relax.

But, that is not what I get right now, and I have myself to blame. I am incapable of relaxing when the todo lists are too long. The good news is that my business is going very well. The bad news is that I let my todo lists get too long and there aren't 35 hours in the day.

And, we've got a big trip planned in July, so the deadlines are more concrete and immovable than they ordinarily would be.

Here's to hoping that after a weekend of effort, with shorter lists, I'll feel lighter, more on top of things, and less stressed.



A said...

I am still looking for that weekend, too. (And when the heck did July get so close?)

bt said...

A -- I have no idea. But I could really use some spare weeks in June...