June 5, 2011

Mid-Year Review

I'm inspired by a friend's blog post titled, "Where I've been so far this year" so I'm going to follow the theme, too.

Locations (this may be the most traveling I've ever done in 6 months):

Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Atlanta, Pasadena/Los Angeles, Bellevue/Seattle, Whistler, Spokane, Coeur D'alene, Montana (drive through), Yellowstone, Craters of the Moon, EBR-1, Twin Falls (and the gorgeous Shoshone Falls), Reno (CRAPS!), and of course, Lincoln/Rocklin (CA).

Yoga Classes:

0. I hope to change this number soon.


645.6. I've registered for a 10K in July, a half marathon in October, and a marathon in December -- so if I stay healthy and train hard, I just may beat my annual mileage record of 1391.4. This isn't a goal, but if my training plans make it happen, so be it.


12. Not quite halfway to my goal of 30, but much better than the 0/30 I'd finished on March 8th.


The Summer Garden is halfway in the ground. Typically, it's in the ground and done by mid-may, but with all of the travel and wacky weather this year, I'm very behind. Today, we bought a machete (MACHETE!) and E hacked down the remaining weeds in the last two boxes. It took him about 30 minutes to get them all down vs. the 3 hours it took me to do one box with the clippers two weeks ago. Apparently, we actually needed a machete. Who knew?


I've stayed quite busy these last 6 months. Every single new client I've taken on in the bay area this year is based in San Francisco. This is quite a change from my historic client base, which tended to be more peninsula/Silicon Valley centric.

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