July 31, 2011

Egypt, Day One

The first of several journal entries from my trip to Egypt in 2004

1/4/04. 2 AM. Cairo - overlooking the Nile.

Almost 24 hours after departing, we arrived (really? I didn't recall the trip being that brutal. Good thing I got it out of my system while I was young).

Despite the fear and warnings of many, I found navigating the airport, taxi, and hotel check-in to be *very* painless. Egypt is friendly and wonderful so far. The typical tourist expensive car at the airport was running, but even though neither of us really speaks Arabic, we were able to get a general service taxi to our hotel.

Our driver spoke passable English and again, horrible attempts at the native language get you *very* far. He is coming to pick us up at 9 AM to go see the Pyramids of Giza.

I'm excited to see them and happy with the feel of Cairo. I expected to be more overwhelmed.

No surprise, our $70 USD hotel room is ridiculously nice. Gorgeous dark hardwood floors, marble in the bathroom, modern wallpaper and molding, and best of all, a balcony on the 17th floor overlooking the Nile. Life is good.

I fear I may not be able to sleep, but a shower and a unisom should do the trick.

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