July 29, 2012

The Simple Task That Was My Charge

This weekend, I was the officiant in the wedding of two of our friends.

They prepared the ceremony script for me, so it was quite simple.

Public speaking, really.

Except, I failed to notice that all the guests were standing after the bride's father gave her away.

And they kept standing.

And I kept failing to notice throughout the rest of the ceremony.

So the reception involved me answering questions about whether I *intended* everyone to stand throughout the entire ceremony.

Ummm... No.

I did not.

Many apologies were made by me.  I was embarrassed.  And sad.  But happy about everything else in the wedding, which was absolutely perfect:

A magazine spread ready bride and groom in a perfect venue.  Taiko drummers.  A san-san-kudo ceremony.  100 guest-lighted lanterns sailing off into the night sky.  Dancing.  Eating and drinking.  A maid of honor who *sang* her toast.  They even added a very thoughtful birthday cupcake presentation for me coupled with all of the guests singing happy birthday.

At the end of the night, one of the close family friends said to me, "Something goes wrong at every wedding.  You did them a favor by making it something so minor, so early."

What a wonderful thing to say!  Thanks!

I shall strive to offer similar words of comfort to another at some point when it is apparent that they are struggling with disappointment at their own failure.

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