August 11, 2012


Tuesday, through an unpredictable chain of events, I found myself at Crossfit.

First we ran around the parking lot twice.  Easy.

Then we did a series of butt kicks, high knees, some lunges, burpees, pushups, and short sprints where each exercise culminated in a pullup. Not too bad.

Then we did two handstands against the wall for 30 seconds to a minute each.  Fun.

Then we did the WOD (Workout Of the Day):

18 overhead squats
3 pullups
15 overhead squats
6 pullups
12 overhead squats
9 pullups
9 overhead squats
12 pullups
6 overhead squats
15 pullups
3 overhead squats
18 pullups

Conservatively, I did about 50 pullups

Some were just hanging from the bar and kipping or jumping up.  Some were with the aid of the resistance bands.  The last 18 were on the rings, with my feet in front of me and my body at a 45 degree angle.

I think in the 2 years prior to that night, I might have done a total of 25 pullup-like activities.

It's Sunday now.  And I still can't straighten my arms without external resistance.  I wonder when my arms will forgive me.

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