September 23, 2012

Tiny Pleasures

Our local grocery store hooked us up with a coupon for a free quart of Almond Breeze.

I'm scared of most modern so-called "foods." But when I imagined what almond milk might be, I thought it might actually be something I'd like.

In my coffee, for example.

Plus, it was free.

The nutrition info totally beat out the 1% milk that I typically put in my coffee:

-60 calories per cup vs. 140
-more calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, and all sorts of other nut-based nutrients that aren't included in milk
-same amount of vitamin D
-1/2 the fat

Did I mention it was free?

I tried it plain, suspicious, but it was everything I'd want a cold glass of milk to be, and more.  It had the consistency of low fat milk, but a light delicious nutty after-taste.  In my coffee this AM, it was heaven.  I'm a convert.  So there you go -- every once in a while the industrial food industry creates a new product that actually makes my life better.

In other news, E and I finally got around to watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi which had been recommended to me by no less than 3 people who know me well, but all are from very different areas of my life.  E had never heard of it.

It was slow at times, but we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Also, it made us both nostalgic for our trip to Japan.

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