May 27, 2013

SFHM1 week -3

Definitely a good running week.  With every run, I feel my fitness increasing.  Still not totally sure of my goal pace for the race, but it's starting to look more and more likely that I'll be able to head out with F, at least for the first few miles.   
M:  3.01 easy @ 10:46 AVG pace.

T: 5 easy with H (yay!  H is back in the running world) @ 10:29 AVG pace.

W: Run the Dish instead of track intervals.  Power up the hills and jog on the downhills.  This is a *great* workout and I could feel how much it was pushing me.  I may try to fit this one in one more time before the race if I can find a good time to do it.  4.25 miles with all the uphills at sub 10:00 pace.

Th: Same as T.  5 easy with H.  No watch.  2.65 mile walk in the afternoon.

F: Rest Day. 1.35 mile walk.

Sa:  11 with F.  AVG pace of 10:17.  Last 1.5 miles @ 9:05 pace.  This run felt so great.  I'm very appreciative to have F to run with as I know if I headed out on my own I would have been significantly slower, particularly on the last 1.5 miles.

Su: 2 hours stretching/yoga in the garden while watching Chompsky graze.  2 miles with E including a strong cutdown in the last mile: 10:23; 8:47.  (Today, my hip flexors are finally nice and loose after about 2 weeks of increasing tightness.  Chompsky is clearly good for me!)

Total mileage for the week (including walks and w/u and c/d): 37.58.

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