May 6, 2013

Weak Running Week Recap

Some weeks, running is so awesome.

And then there are weeks like the last two weeks.  Two weeks ago, I had a lackluster 20.5 mile week, which included quite a bit of walking.

This week, I busted out only one good workout -- Monday's short but solid 3-miler in Kaanapali with my bro-in-law.  He's a former NCAA all american steeplechaser, so our runs together are typically hilarious.  This one was no different.  We went out and tried to run along the ocean for a while and finally agreed it wasn't happening, so we headed for the roads.  Mile 1: 10:02, including lots of obstacles and terrain changes as we tried to run near the beach and finally ran through parking lots out to the road.  Full sun in the afternoon, 85F, 85% humidity and some hills. Mile 2: 9:44.  I called the turn around at 2 miles exactly, and bro-in-law decided to step up the effort.  It was slightly uphill and into the wind on the way back, which was a mixed blessing/curse.  Cooler, but more effort into the wind and hill.  He kept upping the effort throughout mile 3 and I stopped talking, tucked in and just tried to hold it with him despite the continuing increase in my body temperature.  I made a deal with myself -- mile 3 and I could walk.  We hit mile 3 in 9:50.  I stopped and told him to go on without me.  He stopped and grinned, "I was pushing you at the end there?"  Yes.  Yes, he was.  The numbers don't look like a difficult effort, but it was, for me, and there's no way I would have gone for that without the help of B to pull me along.  It was one of the better workouts I've had in a long time and it reminded me just how awesome it can be to run with others and let them do the mental commitment while you just hang on.

Tuesday, I headed out for a quick easy run and barely managed 1.5 miles.

Wed, I had to bail on track day (my favorite workout most weeks) due to crazy work stuff.

Thursday and Friday, it was more of the same.  Stupid work.

Saturday, I had 10 miles on tap, but it was *HOT*.  I got out late (almost 11 AM), and easily decided to push the 10 to Sunday.  Once I gave up (around 2 miles), I really gave up and I slowly ran walked my way through 3 miles in 47 minutes while enjoying my audiobook.

Sunday, E and I woke up and headed out at 8:50.  Finally, the heat wave had broken, and we did a nice easy 3 together in pleasant cool temps (except he ditched me at the end as he's decided that sprinting the last 0.25 miles or so of his runs is a good way to build fitness) at 10:37/mile or so.  I picked up my audiobook at the house and headed back out, but everything felt terrible.  My hip flexors hurt.  My hamstrings hurt.  My calves hurt.  I just felt wrong.  So, I jog-walked it in for a total of 4.73 miles in 1:02.  I promised myself I'd do the 10 today.

And, I did do the 10 miles today.  Super slow, but consistently running the whole time except when taking gu/water.  So hopefully the slump is over.

Weekly total (for last week):  12.75.

The good news is, now that I'm on my sabbatical, and not going to China, I really have no excuse not to focus on my running and workouts.  And focusing on them is one of my goals.  I've decided if I can't go to China, at least I can do a minimum of 2 hours of workouts every day for the sabbatical time.  I look forward to reporting back on the forms this time commitment takes. 


Cathy said...

What happened to China?

Biting Tongue said...

Long story. I have time to come up your way. I'll reach out.

Cathy said...

Yes! Come visit!