August 13, 2013


I've always felt like I don't have much in common with other women, by default. And, I often find women confusing and hard to understand.

Today, the wonderfully entertaining Penelope sent me here.

As for my Myers-Briggs type -- I am definitely NTJ. Depending on the test, I turn up barely I or barely E. If the test gives percentages, I'll usually be in the 80-90% for NTJ and 51% or 52% for either I or E.

So, I'm strongly NT.   And if you look at this chart, visually, it's so obvious -- for those two personality characteristics (intuitive/thinking) vs (sensing/feeling) I *don't* have much in common with most women (most people, actually).

But, more than half of men are T on the T/F scale, so I am more likely to have at least *one* of these two personality characteristics in common with a man.  Interestingly, while it's not common in either gender, women are more likely to be N than men, so I'm more likely to have that particular personality trait in common with a woman than a man.

**Red=F, Blue=M, Grey=All.


Arvay said...

Hey I am just like you! I flip-flop on the I vs. E, but I'm NTJ all the way!

bt said...

@Arvay: and you are one of the women that I don't find hard to understand at all!

Jen said...

I took the MBTI a LONG time ago... I seem to recall that I'm ENFJ, which looks like a very small segment of the population according to your graph! The one thing I do remember is also being borderline E/I.