July 12, 2014

More Than Half

I've been meaning to do this for a long time...

It never really reached any true level of importance, but I'm on a strict no work Saturday regime and I left E at a party a couple of hours ago.  Which means I've been piddling my time away on the Internet however I please.  And here I am.

I wasn't sure if I'd actually been to more than half of the US states, but, after compiling a list, it looks like I've just squeaked by. Unsurprisingly, my west coast bias is strong.  Also, you can pretty much blame E for almost the entire south.

visited 27 states (54%)

I'm not in any hurry, but one day, I would like to cross off all 50 states.


FL said...


bt said...

@FL, thanks, I'm so glad to finally get to it. E's got 60%, actually, but those extra 6% cover quite a bit of territory.

Actually, I think of international folks whenever I do something like this -- I took the same site's international quiz and scored sub 10%... Clearly more travel is warranted.

FL said...

You scored sub 10% for int'l?! I consider you one of my most well traveled friends!

BT said...

@FL -- I redid it with a different map and it came out at 13.7%. The world is just a very big place.