December 7, 2014

Stateside Holiday Fun

You may have seen that the CDC issued an updated flu advisory, claiming this year may be worse than normal.

Well, folks, I can vouch for that.  I sneezed and coughed my way through our flight home (Yeah, I was *that* asshole).  And I could already tell that it was going to be bad.

I sneezed and coughed and sniffled my way through the night.  The next day I woke at 5 AM due to jet lag and moved to the couch, where I proceeded to sneeze and cough and remove mucus from my body at a disgusting rate until E woke, saw me, and said, "Oh... poor baby."  It is a testament to how sick I was that I did not respond violently to this ridiculous endearment and instead cuddled up further under my covers and said, "I'b nod workeeg today..."

He nodded his agreement, did his thing and left.

A few hours later, I had a moment of clarity, "I *never* don't work.  I wonder if I'm really sick?"

So I took my temperature.


*HOLY SHIT*  Queue adrenaline.  I jumped up. Went in search of the ibuprofen.  Stopped drinking hot tea.  Removed the blankets.  Sent E an instant message letting him know that if I hit 104F I was taking myself to urgent care.

Thankfully, the ibuprofen (or just my own immune system) triggered a day of sweats and chills and blankets on and off, but my temp dropped to oscillate between 102-99 for the rest of the day while I hovered between sleeping and awake.  The next day it hung around 99 and I actually started to be able to think and work.  The third day, I felt reasonable enough to go to a client, which was interesting, if only because I still had obvious symptoms, but I felt *so* much better than Monday that I felt like I was fully recovered.  It was only when they kept their distance and pointed out my Stevie Nicks-esque voice that I realize I still had some ground to make up.

So, obviously, running was very light this week.  I also canceled several holiday social obligations in the interests of public health.  M-T: nothing.  W: 30 minutes easy cardio machines at the gym.  Th: a big 4.3 mile loop with no pace watch, run-walked, coughing occasionally.  F: finally feeling better, but pressed for time, so 1.63 miles easy in the mid 10s/mile before both lunch and dinner holiday parties in SF.  Sat: sleep-in-post-Friday-night-holiday-party-only-to-be-woken-by-one-of-your-childhood-besties (of course you'll take the call) hotel gym workout.  30 min cardio on the machines. 3X11 pushups. leg extensions. clamshells. abs with medicine ball. ankle arches. lower ab crunches.  Lunge stretching.  Another 2.5 miles walking to and from the harbor for E2&J's holiday party and the boat light parade:

And then Sunday AM post party at friends:  slept in.  No run with E2 despite our best laid plans.  Instead, lots of coffee, relaxing, and walking to brunch.

Tomorrow, my friends.  Tomorrow will be my (8 mile pseudo) long run.

Happy holidays!  I hope you are enjoying any and all slothlike time that comes your way this season as much as I am.  


Arvay said...

Holy crap! I'm glad you are feeling better!

bt said...

Thanks, Arvay. Me too!

Jen said...

Yikes, glad you're on the mend! Excited to see you Saturday!

FL said...

Get well soon!

Biting Tongue said...

@Jen -- me too! @FL -- thanks. Hoping to come join track tomorrow.