January 28, 2015

Kaiser is Coming

I'll be able to finish the upcoming Kaiser half marathon (this certainty comes from the knowledge that F is gonna come join me as a pacer from mile 2ish on).  But it's not going to be fast, or pretty.

Last weekend, for my last long run before the race, I headed out from my mom's house in the Sierra Nevada foothills and attempted to run to my dad's cemetery plot.

Except, I'd forgotten just how *hilly* the foot-*hills* can be.

This picture doesn't do it justice, but this is the top of a long gradual hill.
This is what passes for road-running in Penryn, California.
The goal had been 10 miles, but I got on the road a little later than planned and after the first few very difficult climbing miles, I realized I'd severely underestimated the difficulty (and slowness) of the task.  It was beautiful, though. 

Unfortunately, I had a hard time deadline, regardless of the distance I'd completed.

I needed to get cleaned up and attend my niece's honor choir concert (the entire Sacramento area has one California Music Educators Association honor choir and, Niece had earned a spot -- she was the only one who made it through the auditions and rigorous practice schedule from her school).  So, running be damned, I wasn't *about* to be late to her concert.

Thankfully, Mom and step-dad had been planning to pick me up at the cemetery, so I just called them and asked them to pick me up about 2 miles short, calling it at 1h55 of running (and a non-trivial amount of uphill hiking) for 8.26 miles including 922 feet of ascent and 628 feet of descent.  It was wonderful to reacquaint myself with and enjoy the beautiful rural landscapes of my childhood.  Also, I felt that the effort and time on my feet were just about perfect for the last run before a half marathon, so I didn't really mind that it was short on distance.

Bonus, the roses I'd bought to leave at dad's headstone that my mom and step-dad were supposed to bring ended up going to the performer.  I couldn't help but think that papabear was very pleased with the outcome, because truly, he was the reason his granddaughter received roses at her performance.  It was his gift to her.  And she was very happy to receive them.  Apparently, receiving roses at choir performances is cool.   

On the workout front, the week was actually reasonably decent: 24+ miles on my feet including about 6 miles pure walking, the hilly 8 miler, a decent 3 mile progression run that averaged 10:27 and finished with the last mile at 9:54, and a few easier efforts plus a short 35 minute recumbant bike effort.

Since then, I've fit in 15 minutes pre-massage on the treadmill with my mom at her gym in the retirement village (I've never felt so conspicuously fit!), and a short 4ish miles today.  If nothing else, I'll definitely be nice and relaxed (can we call it tapered?) on Sunday.


Arvay said...

Photos never do hills justice! I can't count how many times I've huffed and puffed and cussed and sweated my way to the top of some peak, and been pissed that my photo won't adequately show off my accomplishment!

bt said...

@Arvay -- glad to hear it. I was very disappointed in the photo and questioning just how difficult the climb could have been.

Jen said...

Nice hilly run! I'm a little scared about how my lack of vertical in the last couple of months is going to mesh with the tiny rollers at Kaiser tomorrow...

Also, I love being a proud auntie too. Nice job with the flowers. :)

Biting Tongue said...

@Jen -- looks like you handled the hills just fine!