February 2, 2015

Kaiser -- How Not To Race (AKA a nice relaxing training run with a serious positive split)

Thanks to F's watch, and the time stats from Kaiser (plus my recollection of the time at mile 2), I can share the oh-so-awesome result from my brilliant plan of no-watch-race run-by-feel:

Miles 1 & 2 -- Average pace of 9:56.  (Definitely too ambitious, even with the lovely downhill.  I thought 10:30 was the fastest pace I could possibly maintain.  This average pace also includes 2 phone calls where I necessarily slowed down.)

0.20 miles retracing my steps through the panhandle -- no idea, but probably fairly slow due to the grass.

Miles 3 - 12 (thanks to F's watch):


Mile 13 & 13.1 -- not totally clear, but likely low 11's.

My chip time was 2:35:09. 

So, my average pace for 13.1 including the bathroom stop and all walk breaks for time, but not counting the 0.2 mile detour and likely failed tangents for distance?  11:51.

Given that I'd decided to treat it like a long training run, I'm actually very happy with the result.  Sub 12, baby!

Looking forward to training for my next half and actually racing it (even if more slowly than I have in the past).


Cathryn said...

You make me laugh. Sub 12!!

Is it possible NOT to positive split Kaiser? I decided to go for it. And blew up as spectacularly as you did :)

Clearly it's a strategy that works and I know I will do it time and time again. Banking time, people, banking time :)

bt said...

I banked a ton of time on my way to that sub 12 average pace.