January 2, 2016

2015: The Year On My Feet

Total Mileage:  1,262.57  (the least since 2012, which was a lazy recovery year following the epic 2011 where I ran most of the 1,660 miles I clocked, including 4:13 and 4:09 marathons -- I'm tired just thinking about that year.)

Portion running (vs. walking or hiking): unclear, but likely > 66%

-kaiser half
-oakland half
-SLO half
-Seattle Rock 'n Roll half
-Dirty Dozen 5K
-49ers rush 4.9K
-Rock 'n Roll San Jose 10K
 (First year without a marathon since 2010)

PRs:  None.  But, I think my PR days have sailed.  Running is not anywhere near the disciplined training plan hobby for me these days that it has been at times in the past.  These days it is something I do to relax, chill out, listen to audiobooks, and get in the miles.  It is rare for me to find the will to really push myself on a run, and I'm okay with that.

-Sliced toe
-rolled ankle a few times in October and November

Best Running Memories:
-Group runs with the bay area running ladies and post-run brunch
-Meeting up with friends and/or cheering them on at races

Goals for 2016:
Well, since my best half last year was Oakland at 2:22:09, (I told you I've really been struggling with pushing myself), I think a good reasonable goal to start with is to shoot for a a sub 2:22 half in Oakland.  I've got the Hot Chocolate 15K next weekend, which should give me a good assessment of my actual fitness right now, and then 5 weeks 'til Kaiser and another 5 'til Oakland.  Other than that, I think I'd like to increase my overall mileage and not worry too much about pacing again this year.  One thing that should help is the new treadmill.  I may try to get out and on it for at least a walking uphill mile or so at the end of every day as a supplement to my running and see how that treats me.  I should probably try to get in some more speed work...


Jen said...

Very late here, but Happy New Year! Hope to run/race/spectate/eat with you lots in 2016! :)

bt said...

Thanks! Ditto!