January 31, 2016

Beautiful Steps Forward

View from the SF Park Run. So Gorgeous! (Apparently, a good sailing day?)
This week was gorgeous.

Rain, filling reservoirs in California.  A company party for one of my clients. A return to track day and good strong speedy intervals.  An 11 minute jump-rope and calisthenics workout.  Really, what's not to like?

On my way back to the car after coffee at the kiosk at the St. Francis Yacht  Club after Park Run SF...

I'd signed up to drive the whole bay loop this weekend, apparently.  Saturday AM, after a lazy night at home with E streaming In Bruges on netflix and an early night, I drove from Silicon Valley to Chrissy Field for a 9 AM Park Run.  From there, I avoided Super Bowl city to get to the Bladium on Alameda to meet a friend for a celebratory lunch.  And, finally, I drove the 880 back home, before a client dinner at the 49er Stadium, all lit up for the super bowl.

Just another reminder that I need a real camera.  These lights and signs were so much cooler than this looks.

But, the party was fun.
We had a wonderful time at the January annual pseudo holiday party.  Our crew got a kick out of learning that apparently George and Amal and their crew had reserved the same in-stadium venue for a party next week during the actual festivities.  So, we were at least there first... (and parking and traffic were not too insane.)

Saturday AM, as I mentioned, before the drive around the bay, I ran my first Park Run (thanks to Cat and her commitment to running and being British).

That's some joy right there.  Who's happy to be done?  ME!
 I ran the last 1.5M of the race with a woman from England who informed me, "Our local Park Run is 5 repeated loops of 1K around our local park... This is, well, much nicer..."
Me, Cat and JL (plus A) -- A great morning, for sure.
Other than that, I have not much to report.  Weekly mileage total is 25.46.  Track happened again and the paces were faster than required.  Other workouts were good as well.  Today, I woke late and headed out for a super slow 12+/mile 6 mile run (only realizing at 3 miles that I'd forgotten my keys since I thought I was running to pick up the car we'd left at the party).

And all of a sudden, it's time to prepare for next week.  (How is it time to do timesheets again?)


Arvay said...

Asian lady and Starbuck's twin are cheering you in as well! :)

Angela Knotts said...

So sorry to miss this run! Gorgeous pics & it looks like it was a blast!

Cat said...

Ha....I am always happy to commit to being British. I can't imagine 5 loops of 1k! ugh!!!!

SO good to see you and I have such running-top-envy!