January 28, 2018

Running Update: The Kaiser Half Marathon is a Go

This week's running went very well.  Very little pain and the first 30+ mile week since last November.  I easily beat the assigned paces at track group on Wednesday without any pain, which was such a gift to my confidence.

Today's "long" run of 8 miles went just fine.  8 @ 11:59/mile average pace.  My goal was sub 12.  So, I'll take it.  I also fit in an additional mile of walking with 9 X 30s strides with 90s recovery walking on my way home.  That bonus mile without pain definitely helped me feel confident that odds were in my favor for successfully finishing the half next weekend. 

Now, the only question is how to pick my target pace -- I've got a nice easy taper week in the calendar with lots of good healthy food and sleep planned.  I'm hopeful I can get in one ART session with my therapist and then, ideally, I'll have a good day on Sunday.

The current weather prediction is for fog, which I love.  Today's effort was in full sun, which usually slows me down quite a bit, even if the highs were only in the low 70s. 

McMillan seems to think a 2:30 half is a decent goal for me at this fitness level, so that's my A plan.

I'll shoot to get up early, have my latte, drive up and park to take the bus to the start, be ready to take several gus (I've been running all long runs without any fuel) and head out for 11:27 miles, trying to hold on as long as I can at that pace.  If I'm too fast, I'll take walk breaks at each mile or aid station to get the pace back on track until the last few miles, at which point, I'll just make decisions based on how I'm feeling.

My B plan is just to finish.

Wish me luck!


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Jen said...

Yay! Looking forward to seeing you!

bt said...

Thanks to both of you. Super excited to catch up on Sunday!