May 3, 2004


I have a few friends who have the present gene. You know, the $6-$10 things you always meant to buy yourself but never did? People with the present gene are able to know what they are and you get 'em for you. They also know exactly how much to spend so that you feel grateful but not uncomfortable. N has the present gene.

N got me a wine question-of-the-day calendar for 2004.

I'm a big wine geek. This was one of those things that I didn't know existed, but if I did, I would have purchased it for myself without thinking. So, I was excited to receive it, and every day I'm excited to tear off the page from the day before so I can read about wine bottles, history, chemistry, producers, regions, grapes, and more.

Today's tid-bit? Although it's not certain because a record of private collections is not kept, it is generally assumed that the largest collection of corkscrews is owned by Don Bull of Wirtz, Virginia, proprietor of Virtual Corkscrew Museum.

Wow. I guess I'm not THAT big of a wine dork.

In other news, Civ Pro studying is continuing on schedule. I'm still enjoying myself. The weather is gorgeous. I fear I'll regret this happy-go-lucky attitude come grade time. But man, all things considered, I've got a pretty good life right now.

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