July 26, 2004


In Junior High, I was a Robert Ludlum addict. I'd been in remission for years, and figured I was cured when The Bourne Identity, while good, did not pull me off the wagon.

Remission is not a cure, my friends. This weekend, I saw The Bourne Supremacy with my father. I want to re-read every book Ludlum wrote and can't wait for the Bourne Ultimatum to come out. Yes, the movie was only loosely related to the book, but it was smart and fast and true to the feeling that Ludlum was famous for creating.

In other news, I'm feeling very silly. Today, I found myself hiding behind corners at work and stalking up to my secretary to catch snippets of her phone converations before she realized I was there--I hope I get over this soon.

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