September 30, 2004

Blessed Be The Proscrastinators

I accepted an externship for next semester with the judge I had identified as my number one choice this week. I'm excited.

I was also quite surprised they offered me the position.

I didn't manage to get my applications to the coordinator 'til about 2 weeks after everyone else. Over the next couple of weeks, I heard about various people and the positions they'd accepted. I figured that my narrow judge pool, 2L status, and late applications probably killed my chances and assumed it was not to be.

Last week, I got a call from Judge #1's office:

Hi this is Admin Clerk for Judge #1. Have you already accepted an externship?

Her question sounded like it had been answered quite a few times with "yes."

No, actually, I haven't.

She was surprised but quickly recovered. She apologized for conducting interviews so late, but the judge had been very busy with a trial. No complaints here!

Just goes to show, things don't always go to the first, the fastest, or the best. Sometimes, they just go to the people who are around at the time.

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