September 19, 2004

There is no spoon

If life is about perspective, then I'm recently reborn. The stuff I'm putting myself through is now a privilege.

K's mother was in the hospital this weekend for gall-bladder surgery. The night nurse misread her charts and dispensed way too much dilaudid (like heroin, only strong).

K's mom spent 6 hours in a coma before they realized the mistake. She's alive, but mentally slow. My thoughts and prayers are with K and her family as her mom continues to recover. I'm scared, angry, and full of wonder that such a mistake could occur.

Of course, my first wish is that she fully recovers and there is no need to sue.

But, I must say my second thought was of a savior lawyer (and how simple this case appears to be at first blush--MISREAD CHARTS???). The typical stereotype of ambulance-chasing medical malpractice attorneys went right out the window. Someone should be ready to fight this fight, and K's family shouldn't have to put down anything to get the ball rolling. The contingency system may have its problems, but in cases like this, I'm glad we live in a system where there are options for people without means who may be injured by such egregious mistakes.

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