January 12, 2005

It slowly approaches

2004 is officially over, as is my month-long winter vacation.

Jet lag is on its way out, FINALLY. The time change to Australia was easy. The change back has been painful. I've been getting between 3 and 5 hours of sleep this week because I've had to be at school for externship orientation.

Halleluiah! After two bore-me-to-sleep days of lecture and oh-so-enlightening library treasure hunts, supposedly I'm oriented. I now know not to steal from the judge and that to openly take bribes from attorneys in court is bad. 1 unit of my semester down.

I thought I'd signed up for my 3 classroom units on Wednesdays this semester. But no, it's Thursdays. This means I start school tomorrow. That was not my plan. I'd planned on easing into the semester by starting both the externship and school with a 4 day week (thanks MLK). Apparently not.

Which is unfortunate because I'm not ready. I've got science fiction books left to read and plumbing issues to deal with (now we have roots in the sewer line AND an exploded garbage disposal--Joy!)

Oh well. Such is life.

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