January 15, 2005

Running From Everything

Ever since school started, I've been running more and more. It took me a while to realize that running was preferable to the particular brand of dizziness/migraines that my body prefers. But, once I figured it out, I was hooked.

So, I ran a total of 582.48 miles in 2004. That's an average of 11.2 miles/week. And while it's enough to get me to Tijuana (sign me up!) over the course of a year, it doesn't exactly make me a runner. It makes me more of a recreational jogger.

Except during finals, that is, when I ran 86.48 miles over 35 days, or 17.3 miles per week. During those few days, I was almost a runner. (As an aside, did anyone realize that in total, law students spend almost 10% of the year in finals? No wonder it felt ridiculous.) I was also a marathon procrastinator, and in one particular fit of avoidance, I registered for a half marathon in March and promised myself I'd train for it in 2005.

I put in a great first few weeks of the training program in Australia, where there was lots of beer, wine, food, and not so much aerobic activity. This week, my first actual attempt at sticking to the training schedule, I'm slated for 25 miles. So far, so good, but talk to me after Sunday when I'm supposed to run 8 miles. The furthest I've ever run is 9.1 miles. Very slowly. During finals. Not after a month of the holidays, partying, and gluttony.

By the last few weeks before the race, I'm supposed to get up to 31 miles/week. But I'm externing for the judge this semester and have only one class, so I shouldn't be too stressed--in other words, I may have trouble motivating.

It should be interesting to see if I even like running after this experience.

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