August 19, 2005

I think I'm one of them, now

I used to love school. But something about the first day just rubbed me the wrong way.

Maybe I wasn't ready.

Maybe it's that half the school is closed for construction so my already cramped campus is now unacceptably crowded.

Maybe it's the reality that I'm paying twice the tuition that I thought I'd be paying for half the school.

Maybe it's the pointlessness of the third year of law school that so many people complain about.

Maybe it's the stupid freezing, spitting, foggy weather and driving from my wonderfully sunny house into the black cloud.

Maybe it's the not one, but TWO classes where I'm required to buy a supplement of the federal or state code that the class is based upon. I pay taxes. I have a right to access those materials from any printer. I shouldn't have to buy the $42 "student edition" of the probate code. What the hell is a student edition? Perhaps there are comments on the notes? Oh, no. Of COURSE NOT. Near as I can tell, the student edition is an excuse to make me pay money instead of accessing the grown-up lawyer version on LegInfo for free. [I have a feeling I'm going to become public enemy #1 when I ask for the syllabus to be updated with code sections instead of supplement pages. Watch me care.]

Maybe it's the $500 worth of books, even after I refused to buy the codes.

Maybe it's the uncomfortable silence of an entire row of people who couldn't speak up to let the professor know that they had been skipped. And the accompanying uncomfortable silence of the entire class when the professor launched into her "it's important that everyone feels included and participates" speech.

Anyways. Perhaps my Friday of no class, weekend of wedding festivities, and trip to DC will slowly ease me back into the swing of things. I really do want to enjoy my last year. But, if yesterday is any indication, it's going to be a long 275 days.

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