January 31, 2006

Another Benefit of Law School

My dad, sister, and brother needed me in my hometown today. Tomorrow too.

So, I just hopped in the car and accepted that I would skip school. I'd already played hooky for the wedding. And now, I had a better reason, so I did it again.

Granted, I'm setting myself up for some stellar grades this semester.

But it's a glorious privilege. I can just cut class, do the reading (at some point, I swear), bother my friends for notes (I've been an atypical law student in my generous note-giving nature, and it's finally going to pay off!), and take the exam at the end of the semester. Given the arbitrary nature of law school grades, I'll never even notice the effect of the one nugget or two that I would have received and actually remembered to use on the exam had I been in class.

Ahhhh...wonderful school.

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