February 4, 2006

Almost Back

My two days to support the fam expanded and combined with last weekend's move of my sister and dad turned into me spending 7 of the last 9 nights in my hometown. Thankfully, if all goes well this morning (which it looked like it would as of last night), my dad will be released from the hospital today and welcomed into his new home (which he still hasn't seen, now that it is furnished).

I have learned the following useful facts:

1. Hospitals are a great place to study. No distractions if you can find a quiet place, like the "activity room" for visitors.

2. With the help of hospital vending, I can extend the life of a 12-pack of diet coke to 4 days.

3. There is no substitute for having family or friends with you while you are in the hospital.

4. The wrong pain medication can make a patient seem MUCH sicker than they actually are.

5. Time is dilated in the hospital. It feels like I cut a billion days of school and I'm never going to catch up. But in reality, it was 3 days. I have missed more for lesser priorities like moot court and OCI. I will be fine.

Here's to going home to E and my normal life!

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