February 7, 2006


So far this week, I've paid bills, done my taxes and cleared up a million little things for the wedding.

My big goal is to get the Moral Character application finished for the California Bar Exam. Yeah, I'm late. I know. I've also got monitoring of my dad via phone and more wedding chores.

Needless to say, this puts reading somewhere near the bottom of my priority list. Which is too bad. Because yesterday I went to Con Law after having done the reading and realized... oh, right, lecture is really just an overview when you've done the reading. It's so much easier to take notes when you know how to do things like spell the case name.

So far this semester, I've done the following (I should really list it in terms of what I haven't done, many more 100% that way):

1. About 75% of the Con Law reading.
2. None of the community property reading.
3. About 15% of the IP reading.
4. None of the corporations reading. (by design, I intend to use only my notes and an outline for this course, but I've also missed quite a bit of class)

Perhaps this weekend will be the one where I catch up...(after finishing the moral character application, of course.) Perhaps not.

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