May 14, 2006

Note to self

If I ever throw a party and someone has to cancel last minute and stay home to work, please, please, please let me remember to send their spouse home with dessert.

Last night, E came home from the party with 3 super-delicious ultra-chocolatey, perfectly crumbly chocolate-chip brownies in a ziplock bag. For me! His friend's wife sent them as a consolation because I had to stay home and study instead of hanging out at the party.

I have an unfortunate tendency to be annoyed at people who RSVP as attending and then bail at the last minute. I'd rather they say "maybe" and then confirm. Why? Cause I'm lame and a control freak like that. Despite this, for some reason, I decided I was going to have time to attend last night's party a few weeks ago and replied as attending -- comedy! When it became apparent that I was an idiot, I had E change my response. That was the day before.

Instead of silently being annoyed, this woman, this saint, she sent me one of the nicest gifts I've received during finals. The difference between E arriving home from a party I couldn't attend while I'm sitting in the same position that I was in when he left, and the same scenario plus unexpected brownies is gigantic. So much pleasure from such a tiny gesture.

Life really is about the little things. I can't wait to be the unexpected giver of dessert to someone else.

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