January 10, 2007

A California Moment

Sometimes I forget what a fabulous State this is.

Yesterday, I was reminded, yet again.

Thanks to Miss E. I was invited to an evening at a spa, restaurant, and lodge. Upon arriving, we enjoyed the sunset, some wine, a hot tub, and entirely too much fabulous conversation before drifting off to sleep. I was so very glad that I made it a priority to take her up on her offer and so thankful that she made it.

But the gratitude hit me with full force before I even saw her. I left work a wee bit before the normal leaving time, and it felt good. Within 30 minutes, my shoulders relaxed and my breathing deepened as my body sensed the luxury of vacation all the while twisting the steering wheel on the winding roads through farmland. Within 38 minutes, I could see the coast and the crashing surf stretching for miles. And at approximately 3/4 of an hour, I realized that this was my life. I love the ocean. Thus, I should, nay, I must, stop and visit one of the several gorgeous, empty, beaches.

So, I did.

I pulled over.
I stopped the car and took up two of the closest parking spots to the beach entrance.
I got out and climbed the dune in my work clothes (boots with heels included).
I took pictures of the setting sun.
I grabbed a handful of sand and let it run through my fingers.
I realized I was grinning like a fool.
I felt so alive. And rich.

The treasure of a blindingly beautiful 65 degree sunset along the Californian coast just seems too precious to be available to me whenever I want to take the time to enjoy it. And yet, there I was.

All I had to do was leave work, drive, and stop.

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