January 25, 2007

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Yesterday, I found a large silver envelope sticking out of our mailbox.

It appears that someone anonymously addressed a gift to me.

A subscription to the Bacon of the Month Club complete with snout mask, incomprehensible T-shirt, and a little rubber pig, among other trinkets.

R said it best, "Who would give such an awesome gift and then not want to take credit?"

My response? "E, of course. If it's a gift, then I have to accept it graciously and he gets bacon every month."

Alas, while E was impressed with my cleverness and may employ that trick in the future, it turns out it was a belated wedding/christmas present to him (us?) from two of his groomsmen.

So, yeah. Fair warning: Expect 2007 to include lots of bacon recipes.

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