February 12, 2008

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

To pay for the free time on last weekend's trip and the few social lunches I've wanted to get to early this week, I worked 'til midnight on both Sunday and Monday.

Monday, and its after-effects, in particular, was brutal. While on Sunday I was able to pull together a meal of sorts and bake it in the oven while I worked, on Monday night, I had to admit defeat upon arriving home with a boatload of work to a house with almost no food.

So, E ordered, the Finals Pizza, one of the greatest saviors to ever arrive in our relationship. Although I hadn't asked for the finals pizza opt-out since May of last year, when E says he will take care of it, and with one click of an internet button, our pre-saved order of Californian-ridiculousness saves us (yes, our local joint will deliver our favorite pre-saved concocotion of prosciutto, olives, mozzerella, garlic, onion, parmigiano, tomato, and feta pizza), I have to wonder if I'm missing some grander plan. It just fits together so beautifully. Why don't I do this more often?

And, of course, last night's leftovers were even better than Monday night's offering -- more than likely because I didn't have to worry about a thing: not ordering, not saving the leftovers, nothing.

Even better? I was home by 8 without night-time work. I was asleep by 11 PM. And this morning, I woke at 7 AM, fully rested, after the first full night of non-insomnia sleep that I'd had in at least a week.

I think this morning's run is going to be awesome.

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