June 20, 2009

Corpse Flower

E and I had the luck of visiting the Huntington two weekends ago.

We were able to see the Amorphophallus titanum (aka, nondescriptly shaped huge phallus) prior to its bloom.

I just heard that the phallus (helpfully located along the path of signs with photos and the tagline, "something's getting bigger...") we were lucky enough to view finally bloomed (and stank like rotting meat... mmmm...) last Thursday.

We were able to see it in its huge (nondescriptly shaped) phallic glory pre-stink and pre-bloom, which, apparently is a once-in-a-decade-or-so-event.

How cool is that?


Arvay said...

I'm sure it's dead gorgeous!

[No Nickname] said...

Hee Hee!