December 21, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice

This is a time for change.

Finally, after the last month of waking to pitch black and working in the black for hours on end only to go to work and leave the office while it's black again, will the days finally start to get longer (and continue to do so for the next half year!)

And the holidays with all of their promise, drama, failed resolutions, new resolutions to be made, and their histories full of wounds and joy to visit us through uninvited memories are just around the corner.

Even San Francisco, which prides itself on pragmatic coolness, youth, and a rejection of most things invoking nostalgia has big open celebrations of the season and love and ice and deep green trees and vulgur displays of too much light and other goodness:


Happy Winter Solstice to you!
May your daylight increase,
May your Seasonal Affective Disorder decrease,
And may you welcome the change that life brings to you
'til the days start to shorten again.

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A said...

Happy Solstice!