December 29, 2009

Some End of the Year Wisdom

I've got too many deals that *must* sign before the end of the year.

YAY! for my clients -- Lame for me.

So, here's some grumpy free advice and ramblings in connection with the end of the year (and you know, the things that may arise from tax planning or trying to sell your company on a tight time fuse, etc.):

1. Your buddy? Your best buddy? The guy that's done that stuff for you without a contract for years on a good faith basis with the random vague invoice? The acquiror doesn't care how tight you are. If he created anything the company owns, you need to get that shit signed up to a contract ASAP. 'Cause guess what, he's not best buddies with the acquiror -- and they aren't stupid.

2. On the topic of invoices? I am not the person you want to over-invoice. I know my life down to 6 minute increments. Don't make me point out that you were 20 minutes late on two days and require me to spend time thinking about how to politely propose edits to your invoice. That takes time from my life. And yours. And we both hate it. Just keep correct time. How hard is it?

3. It's official. I definitely prefer the each person brings one $10 new gift exchange with extended family (pursuant to white elefant rules) over the person-to-person present exchange.

4. Communication of crappy things is really important. Lawyers specialize in it, so we forget how difficult it is for other people. But it is. In fact, it's so difficult that they pay ridiculous rates to have us do it for them. Only, when dealing with families over the holidays, even lawyers are stuck -- we aren't hired mercenaries and it's simultaneously very important and very difficult to convey the crappy things. And yet, we have to. Or nothing ever improves.

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