April 23, 2012

Fireside Chats

Our electricity went out on Saturday night.

We immediately stood up and walked into the street, wine glasses in hand.

Very rarely do we hang out with our neighbors. We all live busy Silicon Valley lives. But, one of the great things about our neighborhood is that it has this unspoken rule that when the electricity goes out, we all walk into the street and catch up.

Sure enough, our pause for wine meant we were one of the later folks to join the crowd across the street. Beers were in hand and introductions were being made -- it was an instant social occasion.

As it became darker, one neighbor built a bonfire. I ran into our pitch-black house and, with the help of the mag light that we leave by the front door, easily found the marshmallows.

It's amazing how much the simple act of sharing marshmallows, fire, and the darkness can bond you to folks.

The fire (and marshmallows) attracted other neighbors like moths and we met new folks, caught up with others, and just generally enjoyed the change of pace and scenery. I called brother and left him a voicemail, telling him that I missed having him here to make us laugh around the neighbor's bonfire in the dark.

Sometimes, it's nice not to have the modern conveniences (especially when you know they are a bike ride away and the electricity comes back on in time for you to get ready for bed).

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