June 21, 2012

Why Women Still Can't Have It All

This Article is brilliant.

Yes, the majority of her analysis and discussion centers around women, careers, and balancing a family and how to raise children.

And yes, I've mentioned in the past that opting out of the child-rearing often leaves me feeling left out.

But, I've personally observed many of the realities Ms. Slaughter discusses in this article and I'm so pleased that she has brought them to the forefront of the conversation.

Much of my decision not to have children revolves around the reality that I just don't want to make the very real sacrifices that mothers have to make.  To pretend these sacrifices don't exist is to fail to support the mothers (and fathers) making them.

No one can have it all.  Our time is limited and our life is defined by the choices we make about what to do with our limited time.

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