August 26, 2012

The Blissful Filling of the Nothingness

This weekend, we didn't really have plans.

Sure, I'd tentatively decided to do a half marathon in the Santa Cruz mountains on Sunday AM, but I wasn't committed enough to register, so, by our standards, we had no plans.

Friday night, after a very long week of work and increased running mileage, I fell asleep by 9:45 PM, on the couch, book on chest, almost, but not quite to the end of The Crossing.  Sometime later, E woke me (grumpy), and somehow convinced me to go to bed.  I woke this AM, embarrased at how much I'd fought back.  He informed me, "It's actually not so bad when you wake up.  I can reason with you.  When I have to deal with sleepwalking BT, it's surreal."

Yup.  Friday night is a party at our house.  Sleeping by 9:45 and arguments about going to bed by 10.  Oh... did I mention I've been a bit busy and stressed and not sleeping well?

Thank goodness for marathon training, even if it's not going totally according to any published schedule.  There's still nothing like long runs and short hard speed intervals to fix the insomnia that comes from too much stress.  Sure, perhaps it fixes it too well, but, beggars can't be choosers.

Saturday AM, we slept in, relaxed (I finished my book!), took a nice 17 mile mountain bike ride followed by brunch at our local mexi-cali-diner, and then we hunkered down and tended to the general life stuff that everyone must handle and that we've been ignoring (who doesn't?) before heading out.

Then we headed over the hill to Santa Cruz, to spend the evening with E2 & P.  Actually, we tried to head over Highway 17, but Google Traffic informed us there was a vehicle fire at the summit, so we opted for Highway 9 to Highway 35 until we finally got back on the 17 after the traffic had cleared but before they'd towed the shocking smoking shell of a burnt-out van away (as in, no tires!).  It was great to catch up while driving the gorgeous twisting-turning back-roads through the redwoods, eucalyptus, and Christmas tree farms.  Upon arrival, hungry and late, our awesome hosts welcomed us despite our tardiness with open wine and ceviche made of fresh-caught tuna.  (HOLY HAPPINESS, IT'S GOOD TO KNOW PEOPLE WHO ARE AWESOME HOSTS!)

This AM, E2 opted into an AM of pilates and woke early to take me to the start of a very elevation-heavy half marathon in the Santa Cruz mountains as part of my training for the Equinox, and while I was slow, I was pleased to do the elevation, even if half of the race was an obstacle course and people yelled at me when I opted to tip-toe my way across the rocks rather than just run across the creek.

We followed up the race with brunch with E2 and P and E in a delicious visit to their local Crepe Awesomeness.  My salsa crepe had at least an entire avocado in it.  Life was good.

In short,the true list of what we actually did this weekend involves gardening and laundry and thank you notes and dry cleaning and other long and boring chores and errands not worth reading at all.  But thanks to making the most of our gifts of friends and the beautiful location where we live, we both feel like we accomplished a ton, and we also had a relaxing treat of a weekend. So we're less stressed, more alive, calmer and just generally happy.  In fact, we found ourselves saying, we should have more weekends like this one.

Here's to goals!

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