December 22, 2012

2012: Books 1-5

Run Faster From the 5K to the Marathon
Brad Hudson
An interesting perspective on adaptive training and using feedback to get the most out of what you are doing.
Racing Weight
Matt Fitzgerald
A very different look at nutrition than one I've ever taken.  I appreciated the new perspective.  Turns out, if I want to be disciplined, I can manage my macronutrients in my sleep, but I definitely need to pay much more attention to my micro-nutrients than I have been (I was rarely hitting the RDAs for potassium and iron despite maintaining what I thought was a very healthy diet.)
The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
Aimee Bender
A clever tale of transcendent children who travel on emotional and spiritual planes that intersect uncomfortably with the physical.  Well done.
Run Less; Run Faster
Bill Pierce, Scott Murr, and Ray Moss
Only time will tell, but I was inspired by the data in this book and look forward to applying its principles in my 2012 running. (Note: Time told that this approach was not for me.  There were no "just go out and run" days on the schedule and I found that I needed those days, as running is as much a mental release as a physical one for me.)
Ready Player One
Ernest Cline
Oh fun!  As a child of the eighties, this easter egg hunt of pop culture and nerdy self-consciousness was a fabulous escape on a work trip to Washington D.C.  Gamers, techies, and nerds who grew up in the 80s will adore Mr. Cline's attention to all of their childhood loves.

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