October 5, 2014

CHI week -1

Let's be clear.  This week sucked on the running front.

I got a nasty (NASTY) cold from our trip to Colorado.  It may have been the infection that was making the rounds at all of my clients that I'd avoided (Which E had for 10 days of serious infectious-disease-security in our home where I didn't get it).  Or, perhaps it was something from the flight, exascerbated by the dry air and altitude, or perhaps the wedding with tons of little children and hand-shaking and hugging and whiskey tasting (but shouldn't the whiskey kill it?).

Regardless of the source of infection, I spent the week a snotty mess. Coughing all night (no good sleep).  Clearing all mucus and coughing in the AM and throughout the day, trying not to disgust clients (duh-- runs had to be modified).

In short, I'm still a bit sick and questioning what this means for Chicago.  But, I know that I'm in the home stretch, so I'm trying to be positive.

Obviously, I cut short several runs this week, but still managed 33.01 miles including 3 at my psuedo-target marathon pace (I'm thinking 10:15-10:45???), plus some low 9ish intervals and lots of long slow miles in the heat (did I mention that we had a heat wave this week?  yeah, today's 10 miles with the head cold in the 80+ gave me permission to just get it done -- 12:49 AVG (including walking with lemonade purchase and sipping breaks)).

All in all, I'm very happy to be healthy enough to hit the start line at Chicago next weekend.  I know I'll be able to finish and I'm looking forward to the experience.  I think I'll start with the 4:40 pace group (assuming they are in my corral) and hang with them 'til I know if I'm whipped or (hopefully) have way more to give).

Other than that, I have nothing to report, except, of course, that a running headlamp is hugely beneficial when doing a kitchen remodel and unable to cook dinner at night.  When you can't cook, making sandwiches or other composed meals to be picked up by hand is very handy.  To do so, at a minimum, you require ingredients and light.

Sometimes, our hobbies do serious double duty.


Cathy said...

I gave my mom a running headlamp. She uses it to find things in her closet...

Angela Knotts said...

Yeah, the heat this week has been killer. No fun.

Have a GREAT time running Chicago!!

FL said...

Home stretch, baby! Hope you get rid of that cold A-SAP. I'm getting knots in my stomach whenever I think about hitting my pace for this race, but telling myself not to let that override the awesome experience I believe it will be, to be part of something so huge. Here's to US beating this marathon down! GET HEALTHY and see you in CHI!

Jen said...

Four words: Advil Cold & Sinus. If you're still snotty on race day, I swear by it -- and I'm not one to take cold meds liberally. I think you'll be fine come race day though. Have a GREAT race! I'm excited to follow (cyberstalk) you and FL on Sunday!! :)

bt said...

@Cathy -- that's classic.

@Angela -- thanks.

@FL -- thanks. I woke feeling a bit better and after some better sleep, so I'm crossing my fingers. I'm super excited for you, I think you're going to kick butt!

@Jen -- thanks. Yeah, I hate taking meds but broke down and bought some sudafed (behind the counter) a couple of days ago to help me deal.