June 30, 2015

East Coast Road Trip

E & I had planned to spend the 4th of July holiday in Georgia (immediately after the GA fireworks law made fun legal!).

At the last minute, E was sent out to Boston for a work thing, and then we thought through the logistics of him flying home for just a couple of days and flying back out and it really didn't make any sense, *especially* because we had people like grandparents, uncles, friends, and a corporate office visit we could fit in between Boston and Atlanta.

So, here's what we did while working remotely and driving in the rented Chrysler 200 over the last week or so:

Apparently, on the east coast, there is this thing that happens where water falls from the sky.  Even in June.

This is a friendly perspective on the storms we encountered on approximately 30% of the driving.  We feared flooding.
Anyways, we had a great time catching up with folks in all locations on the map, in a few hiding from the rain, and in all working remotely from hotels and cars (full disclosure, I almost never drove, I was more of the asleep, working, or "entertaining" member of the driving party).

Despite close of quarter pressures, lots of work, time zone ridiculousness, and lack of sleep, we saw and experienced several things that were awesome on this trip, including:
The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile walking trail of bricks tracing several historic Boston landmarks.
The Freedom Trail -- Charlestown Bridge

Boston Harbor, from the pier at the end of the Freedom Trai.

Sunset, from the top of the Prudential Building, over the Charles River (Citgo sign!)

Richmond, VA -- This always to tyrants (the abuse of power).
We stopped for the best brunch I've had in years at The Magpie in Richmond.  Seriously.  Southern food meets French/Modern but in a location/decour that has very believable authentic older family member influences such as a stuffed magpie, and repurposed sewing machine treadle lamps.  Did I mention this was the best brunch I'd had in years?  Yeah, brunch.  In the south.  Biscuits (with Manchego, here).  They know how to do it.

Near RVA capitol, a monument to the group who filed the first lawsuit that eventually consolidated to Brown v. Board of Ed.

Note the cars -- this is a huge fireworks building.  Also, no smoking.
 A colleague in North Carolina noted, "South Carolina is perhaps the most lawless state in the Union."  I have no insight into whether this is true or not, but they do have quite a supply of fireworks for sale.

Happy E before buying fireworks to take to the lake.
 And there you have it.  Our week involved much driving and interaction with folks far from home.  It was great to see each and every one of 'em.  I'm thrilled to add DE and VA to my states tally.

In terms of workouts, this week is essentially a complete write-off.  I fit in 18.06 miles total (clearly not much walking) including several interval workouts: 1 min hills at home, some heat intervals in Sacramento, some incline intervals on treadmills, and finally, early this week a technical, hot, but gorgeous loop around this lake in NC:

Bond park lake. The south is a constant reminder that our drought in CA is real.  Nothing is this green where I live.
At one point on this loop, there was a "fitness course."  You know the gig.  Pushups.  Dips.  Hops.  Kicks.  Weird stuff.  Since I'm not truly training for anything I was actually free to opt in.  So I did.  My shoulders and biceps and triceps would like to have a word with me tomorrow.  But while I was torturing them, I got to watch a local kid do hill repeats with his coach timing.  HE WAS FAST.  I told him so on my way out, but I don't think he thought my opinion held any weight.  Regardless, I had such a fun time watching him and doing just one more dip, pushup, etc.  It's so fun to realize that you can do the functional equivalent of someone with youth on their side, simply by doing your best that hot, humid, hilly day.  And I did.  I'm hopeful it will pay dividends.  

And with that, I offer best wishes to all for a great 4th of July holiday.  I've got lots of work and travel and other obligations coming up, but I'm going to be balancing things (full body workouts on trails that aren't scheduled, work that means no sleep, too much celebration, etc.) against 10K training for some fall racing.  It feels good to have some speed goals in the works.


Jen said...

You just can't beat Southern-made biscuits. That is all.

L.A. Runner said...

Awesome trip!!!! Sounds like a lot of fun. And yes, we know our biscuits in the south. LOL.