April 18, 2016

Patriots' Day, Quick Running Check-in

I watched the tail end of the Boston Marathon today, and while watching the women's winner come back from a 37 second deficit to win was inspiring, I found it interesting that no one talked about how slow the winning times were versus historical norms.  I do know it was supposed to be hot, so perhaps that's why.

Last week, I missed the goal of at least 2 days of >6 miles, but otherwise, I hit the rest of them.  Total mileage was light, due to a 2 day conference, but I still hit 24.3, which isn't bad.

For core, I couldn't fit in a 3rd consecutive week return to the yoga studio, but I did fit in 9 X (1 minute jump rope; 10 seconds rest; 30 seconds alternating pushups, dips, abs; 10 seconds rest).  Every time I do this workout I'm shocked at how badly it kicks my ass.  It's 16 minutes and 30 seconds of serious intensity.

For speed, I pulled off a treadmill workout with 8 X 400 @ 8:49/mile and 1% incline.

Saturday, I participated in the Spring Forward 10K.  The last time I'd done this race it was in Mountain View, but they moved it to a new location in Milpitas.  I finished in 1:02, which was my goal for a good tempo run.  Unfortunately, like last time, the course was short (this time it was 5.83 miles according to my garmin).  It's an out and back, and included some steep short uphills and downhills to go under freeways.  There was a mud pit under one of the overpasses within the first mile that slowed everyone down.  Other than that, I have no complaints.  I got in a good solid workout, averaging 10:42/mile including walking through the water stations and stopping for the mud pit, so my moving average was likely 10:30ish.

The one wrinkle in my plans is that E and his friend and his friend's wife and another friend are all committing to doing the 5K at Park Run in SF on 5/28.  That's the date and time of my goal race of the Danville 10K, where several of my running buddies will be running.  E and I are leaving the bay area in July for a year, so it's probably one of the last opportunities I'll have to see both groups of folks for a long time.  I'm torn.  It may come down to economics -- I'm not already registered for Danville, which costs $45, while Park Run is free...

Either way, I do want to pick a 10K to complete at the end of this training cycle, so if it's not Danville, it'll have to be something else.  Any suggestions?



Jen said...

Can you convince them to do park run on another week? Or convince them to do the Danville 10K? (I know, not as scenic and costs money, but...)

bt said...

@Jen -- sadly, I can't. It's the only date that works for everyone (except me) and they've committed to it. Paid for less of a view and further drive for everyone (except me, it's roughly even for me) vs. free is not an easy sell.

Cathryn said...

Um....leaving the bay area for a year??? I missed WHAT EXACTLY???

bt said...

@Cathryn -- we're packing up the house and spending a year on self-imposed sabbatical, traveling the US and Canada via car, as well as several international trips.