April 25, 2016

Progress and Loss

Hello from beautiful Austin.

Essentially the view from our hotel (but from a nearby bridge)

Why Hello!

View back toward downtown from the dam end of ladybird lake.

One of many picturesque bridges on the trails around the lake.
Last week was a solid execution of the super easy 10K training plan I devised (even if the 10K is now officially on hold).  Total mileage of 31.64.  Quite a bit of walking, but two separate speed workouts (10X400 and 5X400), and two runs longer than 6 miles as well as some shorter efforts.

For core, I walked to the yoga studio on Thursday, and was shocked and saddened to learn of Prince's death from the yoga instructor before class.  Like many folks my age, Prince's music was a major influence in my life.  Purple Rain was my every day workout album for my first season as a college gymnast, and  I've probably spent more time running to Prince songs than those from any other musician.  Like many, I can't really believe it's true.   

Now that I've gone to yoga 3 times in 4 weeks, I'm starting to feel like my body is remembering how to (sort of) be a yogi.  I'm definitely looking forward to continuing on this path and focusing more on yoga over the next few weeks and our sabbatical year. 


Arvay said...

You were peeping through ground greenery and saw a turtle?

bt said...

@Arvay -- actually a cyclist stopped me randomly and asked, "Do you know anything about turtles?" I laughed and said, "yes, actually." So then he showed me the turtle and explained that he'd moved him there. I said the turtle was going to cross the trail if that's where he was pointed, and that he was a water turtle, close to the pond, so in a safe place and would likely head back down to the water when he/she was ready.

Arvay said...

So cool!