September 3, 2017

Heat Wave (SJRNR week -5)

We rarely see triple digit temperatures.  But this week was quite the exception.  It hit over 100F at least 4 days, including Friday's and Saturday's highs of 111F under the eaves.  These temperatures are unprecedented in our town, and yes, it's outlier data, but it does make the "global warming is real and you need to prepare for it" arguments seem pragmatic, at a minimum.

Black out curtains coupled with modern building materials from the remodels 
(insulation under the fiber cement siding, reflective vinyl over high R foam roof, double paned windows)
keeps much of the crazy heat out.
Spending a week in South Carolina and Georgia during their August heat wave did help make the bay area version much more palatable -- humidity is *the worst* and dry air with large temperature swings downwards in the evenings mean it's tolerable (but not pleasant) to wait out a heat wave without air conditioning.  Even on the night where we had the highest low, we still had a 39 degree drop overnight from the day's highest high.

This week was the first full week at home where I could focus on running in 4 weeks.  I did a decent job, but nothing spectacular.

M: rest.

T: 4 @ 11:42; 0.45 walk c/d. 1.37 PM walk.

W: Track Club
0.3 jog; 0.37 drills/wu;
2.98 total speed and recovery
4X200; 3X400; 4X200; 2X100
(54, 57, 56, 58; 2:08, 2:14, 2:12; 57, 57, 62, 63; 22, 20);
0.3 jog c/d

Th: 1.01 easy @ 12:26.  1.5 walk.  1.1 pm walk.  I didn't get out early and let the heat tell me I was better off taking the day easy and getting up early on Friday.

F: 5.29 miles with M, who does 5 min run/1 min walk intervals.   We were out early and it was only 80F by the time we got back.  A nice easy workout at 13:55 avg min/mile pace.

Sa: Given the heat, I really wanted to bail on the workout entirely -- it's just a pre-race shakeout and only 2 miles total.  Except I forgot that I needed to try out my new shoes before Sunday's race, so I finally got myself out the door just before noon for 0.5 jog; 1 mile @ 10:17; 0.5 jog/walk recovery.  It was 98F when I left and 100F when I got back.  I was surprised that I could do a mile at 10:17 without too much effort in that heat, but given how hot and sweaty the jog/walk recovery was, I'm guessing if I'd tried to keep running I would have started to slow very quickly.

E2 stayed with me 'til mile 3 and then 
dropped me by *8* minutes by the end.
Su: Race to the End of Summer.  I'd hoped I could do something sub 11 min/mile, but it was not to be.  I averaged 11:24/mile according to my Garmin, which is 13 seconds per mile faster than Wharf 2 Wharf.  Only it was 57F at the start of Wharf to Wharf and 84F today.  So, that's obvious fitness progress, and I'll take it.

It was *hot* (and oddly humid) but we did it.
The best part of the week, hands down, was hanging out with my fellow runners and having brunch post-race.  I adore my running friends -- in addition to sharing a passion for running, they are all so smart, thoughtful, and interesting, plus they just get me.  These ladies were one of the things I missed the most about our year away, and I'm so very happy to be able to hang out and run and chat and eat with them today.

Mimosas and salmorejo and bacon and cheese and meats and fruit and more...
Mileage total for the week: 27.72.  But my ratio of walking to running is going down and my average running pace is as well.  Oh, and so is my body mass.  Consistent training plus eating out of our own fridge means that it is much easier to be calorically deficient than while on the road.  I'm hopeful I can keep the trends continuing in positive directions on all fronts from now 'til SJRNR.


Cathryn said...

I nearly cried when you talked about missing your running friends...and why. Because YES!!! These women are seriously the best and now I miss them loads. But I'm SO glad you get to see them again and I get to see your faces. xxx

Jen said...

I considered this a "welcome back to the Bay Area running community, bt!" Thanks again for having us over, it was such a great morning.

bt said...

I feel for you Cat! But I bet some of us will make it over to visit you soon.

Jen -- thanks for the welcome back, it did feel like a welcome back party!

Angela Knotts said...

Honestly getting to hang out with you ladies more than made up for my crappy race. So excited to have you back bt!!! :D

bt said...

@Angela -- so great to see you! I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like getting a crappy race out of the way clears the way for a good one. I hope that's the case for you!